"Publication of the latest issue of the quarterly "Iranian Journal of Comparative Education

7/17/2023 11:36:44 AM
"Publication of the latest issue of the quarterly "Iranian Journal of Comparative Education

«Iranian Journal of Comparative Education»Publication of the latest issue of the quarterly

Current Issue: Volume 6, Issue 2, June 2023  

Original Article

A Comparative Study of Teaching Critical Thinking in Japanese and Iranian Third-Grade Mathematics Textbooks

Narges Chegini; Marzieh Dehghani; Keyvan Salehi; Sogol Yazdankhoo

Study of the Contents of Secondary High School Chemistry Textbooks in Iran and Malaysia Regarding Attention to Occupational Readiness Components

Nasrin Maleki; Mahshid Golestaneh; Seyed Mohsen Mousavi

A Systematic Review of the Critiques and Problems of Fundamental Reform Document of Education in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Abbas Madandar Arani; Mahamod Amani Tehrani; Shala Sorkhabi


A Comparative Study of English as a Foreign Language Teachers’ Emotion Regulation and Well-Being in Iran and Iraq

Laya Tahami Zarandi; Mehry Haddad Narafshan; Peyman Seyfaddiny


Trend of Presenting Concept of Fractions in the Mathematics Textbooks of the Second to Fourth Grades of Primary Schools in Iran and Japan

Narges Yaftian; Fatemeh Abbasi


A Comparative Study of Novice and Experienced Iranian EFL Teachers with Respect to Classroom Interactional Competence and Development of Communicative Language Teaching

Mansooreh Amiri; Sahar Keyhanpour; Zahra Amiri


A Comparative Study of Professional Development Processes of School Principals in Iran and England

Ramezan ali Monidari; Morteza Karami; Mohamad Reza Ahanchian; Rezvan Hosseingholizdeh

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1.The quarterly magazine has a scientific grade of B from the Publications Commission of the Ministry of Ataf and ISC.

2.The main language of the journal is English, but abstracts of articles are published in both English and Farsi.Authors can send their articles for judging in Farsi in the first place and before the final acceptance.

3.The journal's articles are registered in international information database s such as Google Scholar, Duaj and Academia.Based on this, so far, the articles of the quarterly magazine have been downloaded more than 2,610 times by people interested in different countries of the world.For more information, please visit the website of the publication (Farsi and English) at the following

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Iranian Journal of Comparative Education



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